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Fort Cochin is the perfect place to go to when you don’t want to do anything in particular. You can spend your days enjoying languid strolls around the quiet, leafy lanes, browsing through the little boutiques, and sipping coffee at the quaint cafes. However, what I didn’t expect was the food – it was a revelation! I love Kerala cuisine, and was all pepped up for it, but I discovered that the food scene in Fort Cochin is so much more than that. Here I give you four food joints in Fort Cochin that I LOVED:

Kashi Art Café

We arrived at Fort Cochin after attending our friends’ wedding in Hyderabad. After days of eating rich and heavy Indian food, a meal at Kashi Art Café was a welcome change. We ordered a fish with mango salsa, roast chicken, and hummus with pita bread. Both were excellent! The roast chicken was a hearty, generous piece of chicken slathered in thick, flavourful gravy, served with a side of cous cous. But the fish is what I really loved – lightly seasoned fresh fish, grilled to perfection, and served with a sweet and tangy, refreshing mango salsa. The flavour pairing of the mango with the fish is something I had never tried before, and it was absolutely delicious! We also tried their refreshing all-natural fresh fruit and veg juices, which were served in generous portions. Although the food is lovely, the ambience at Kashi is enough of a reason to pay them a visit. It’s a small, quaint little place with plants all around, and also displays art by local artists.

What I loved: The fish with mango salsa

Fish with mango salsa
Roast chicken

Fort House Hotel

For delicious local fare, try the restaurant at Fort House Hotel. We got greedy looking at the menu, and ordered a whole bunch of stuff – kerala chicken curry, parotta, appams, pork fry, and sea fish grilled – and every single dish was amazing! To top it off, it has al fresco seating by the water – perfect for date night. Also, don’t leave without trying the spiced figs with ice cream for dessert.

What I loved: Chicken Kerala Curry with appams, and the spiced figs with ice cream

Pepper House Café

Full disclosure: I didn’t actually eat here (it’s a lame story – you don’t want to know), but the place is so pretty, that I HAD to put it on the list. The café is housed in a crumbling old building, one side of which has been renovated for the café and a little boutique. It has a giant, green courtyard in the middle, and you can see the water on the other side. Perfect place to grab a coffee, sit on the little benches by the lawn, and enjoy the stillness.

Qissa Café

Qissa Café’s interiors, with its large floor-to-ceiling windows and rustic wooden tables, seems like any other café you would find in any big city. But what it lacks in charm, it makes up with the sumptuous food on offer. We went for breakfast and ordered a spinach and cheese omelette, oats with fresh fruit, and some juice. My omelet was fluffy and packed with perfectly cooked spinach (my biggest fear with ordering spinach dishes is that they’ll be overcooked and the spinach would be a depressing faded green colour). The only downside of the place is that service is slow. But it’s a minor inconvenience – you can take in the view of the leafy street outside, sip on your coffee, and chat while you wait for your food; perfect for a place like Fort Kochi!

What I loved: Spinach and cheese omelet

Qissa Cafe

I’d love to hear of any other places that you guys enjoyed in Fort Cochin so I can try them out the next time I’m there (because there will definitely be a next time! 🙂 ).

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