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My Hotel Wish List

A and I were having lunch the other day when we started talking about our wish list of hotels. And that gave me the idea for this post. This is my wish list of five boutique hotels/small luxury hotels in India that I hope to visit some day. It’s a list of the most gorgeous, decadent and luxurious hotels in India that I would absolutely love, love, LOVE to visit. This list is in now way static – I’m sure it will change as I discover new and more gorgeous places over time. But for now, here goes:

  1. The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Nestled in the Himalayas, this 85 room resort looks like paradise on earth. The 7 acre property is surrounded by forests, and boasts of heated pools and a spa by L’Occitaine. While I am sure it would be gorgeous any time of the year, I’m told (and after looking at the pictures, I’d have to concur) that the resort is at its most beautiful when the mountains are covered in snow.

Price per night: Approx. INR 15, 000

How to get there: An hour and a half by car from Srinagar

  1. Ananda Spa, Uttarakhand

This luxury spa resort in the foothills of the Himalayas has bagged several hospitality awards, and it’s no wonder. A sprawling 100-acre property, surrounded by forests and overlooking the Ganges river valley, it is the perfect setting for some rest and rejuvenation. But this place is more than just a resort – it offers a host of activities including yoga, ayurvedic treatments, detox packages, outdoor treks, Vedanta lectures, and meditation, for a truly mind-body-soul enriching experience.

Price per night: Varies depending on whether you select one of their wellness packages, or just a room, but around INR 30,000 just for a room would be about the standard rate.

How to get there: A 45 minute drive from Dehradun. The website has several options on how to get there.

  1. The Serai, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

The Serai in Jaisalmer is luxury in the middle of the desert. There are 21 tented suites, and each looks more gorgeous than the other. They are all done up beautifully to blend in with the surroundings, yet retain its luxe look and feel. The Luxury Tented Suites come with a private pool.

Price: approx INR 42,500 per night

How to get there: 60 km from Jaisalmer airport

  1. The Ultimate Travelling Camp, Ladakh/Nagaland

Anyone who knows me would know that I’m just not a camping kinda girl. Something about having to pee in the open, and not being able to take a bath for days doesn’t appeal to me one bit. But ever since I heard of the concept of “glamping” a few years ago, my interest has been peaked. For the uninitiated, glamping is luxury camping, where you get the experience of being in the great outdoors, with all the luxury of a high-end hotel. One of the groups at the forefront of the glamping experience in India is The Ultimate Travelling Camp. They have three campsites – two in Ladakh and one in Kohima, Nagaland. Camps are not open year-round; dates for each camp are put up on their website. For full details on the camps, you can download the brochures for each camp from their website.

Price: Varies depending on the camp

How to get there: The Thiksey camp is a 30 minute drive from the Leh airport, Diskit camp is a 5 hour 30 minute drive from Leh Airport, and the Kohima camp is a 3 hour 30 minute drive from the Dimapur airport.

  1. Orange County, Coorg

How can you write about the most gorgeous boutique hotels in India, and not put Orange County on the list?! With its cozy villas, beautiful pools, and tasteful Indian décor, it truly makes you want leap into the screen and land up there! One can choose between four types of villas, and all villas come with a private pool. The dining experience looks like a one-of-a-kind experience as each of their three restaurants offer beautiful views of the verdant surroundings.

Price: approx INR 35,000 per night

How to get there: 280 km from Bangalore airport; 132 km from Mysore airport. If you book 5 nights or more they offer free transfer services.


So that’s my top five! If anyone has been to any of these places, or has any suggestions on other hotels I should visit, I would love to hear from you!

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